Wireless Battery and System Tester, Tablet Based

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Auto Meter BVA-460 AMR-BVA-460 Wireless Battery and System Tester, Tablet Based

The BVA-460 is the ultimate handheld electrical system tester specifically designed for the automotive and light truck market. Through the use of state of the art digital circuitry, a separable tablet and control module, and Auto Meter’s exclusive AMPNET cloud data management services, the BVA-460 delivers the most accurate, reliable, and fastest testing results all-in-one new innovative Wi-Fi enabled device.


  • With the use of a microprocessor, a substantial true load, and AutoMeter’s patented digital pulse load testing protocol, the BVA-460 accurately measures the battery’s capacity and recovery for a comprehensive state of health assessment. Capable of detecting bad cells.
  • The BVA-460 applies a true load to the battery in order to simulate real world operating conditions consistent with BCI (Battery Council International) testing standards.
  • Charging System test results measure alternator current output, voltage regulation, diode ripple, and also starter cranking RPM.
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