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Tech-Mate Air-Conditioning Machine

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Robinair 48710 ROB-48710 Tech-Mate Air-Conditioning Machine

The ONLY approved A/C machine for Nissan and Infiniti warranty service.

R-134a Recovery/Recycle/Recharge -- Acceptable for Warranty Use

The SAE J-2788 standard requires that all R-134a service equipment manufactured after January 1, 2008, must recover 95% of the refrigerant and recharge to within 1/2 ounce.

Until now, the best charge accuracy that could be claimed by service machines is ±0.88 ounce, a 3% error on a 2-pound system or 7% error on a 14-ounce system. Since The Robinair 48710 will recharge the vehicle to within 1/2 ounce of the charge capacity, you will avoid the dreaded "callback."

  • Recovers 95% of refrigerant. Fully compliant with New SAE J-2788 Standard. Charge accuracy of ±1/2 oz.
  • Automatic function. Automatic refrigerant refill. Automatic air purge.
  • Automatic oil drain. Refrigerant charging. Vacuum leak test.
  • Refrigerant management systems. Vacuum function. Temperature probes.
  • Integrated thermal printer. Ambient temperature and humidity sensor.
  • Real-time clock. Removable hoses. Encrypted Warranty Codes.
  • Larger 1/4 VGA display. Software usability enhancements. Hose oil clearing.
  • Notification light and tone for top of unit.
  • Basic Help Screens guide you through the procedures.