SMT 300 Smoke Tester

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Bosch Diagnostics F00E90029135 BSD-F00E90029135 SMT 300 Smoke Tester

• This tester is a mulit-functional device that can be used not only for EVAP testing but also for testing of oil leaks, exhaust leaks, wind leaks, EGR leaks, and many more. • Features a graduated smoke control valve and flow meter and can be used with shop air or inert gases. • Full featured machine with graduated smoke flow control valve, air flow meter, and pressure decay gauge • Full complement of accessories with storage case • Multi-purpose tester designed for leak detection in any low pressure closed system. Usable to pinpoint wind and water leaks of passenger and trunk areas. • OEM approved smoke test technology • Designed for safe use in any vehicle. Will not damage vehicle components or void and factory warranties • Meets SAE standard for safe EVAP testing (2007-01-1235 and 2008-01-0554) • Uses UltraTrace UV® dye solution to create Diagnostic Smoke® . The only OEM approved solution. • Dye deposit is UV light-traceable (light included w/kit) • Compact (13" x 12" x 13" tall) • Lightweight (19 lbs) • Operates off vehicle (12V) battery
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