Self-Piercing Riveter (SPR)

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Dent Fix DF-SPR67 DTF-DF-SPR67 Self-Piercing Riveter (SPR)

The NEW DF-SPR67 Self-Piercing Riveter (SPR) is the hot new tool for joining aluminum panels together with the cold forming technique that requires no heat and no pre-drilled holes.

Dent Fix’s Self-Piercing Riveter is a reliable tool for riveting aluminum panels (up to 6.5mm) together with high dynamic strength.

The pressure and speed control increases accuracy and enables the rivets to be inserted without panel distortion. Ergonomic design allows for easy and comfortable use.

Kit includes matrices (3mm SPR, 5mm SPR, Extracting, and Flow Form), 2 matrix keys, strap, HR2 arm, a box of 6×50 steel punch rivets, and a carrying case.

Pneumatic operation ensures continual pressure compared to battery operated units.

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