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Resurfacing Grinder

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OTC 8330 OTC-8330 Resurfacing Grinder

At last, a grinding attachment that really works! Attach the OTC 8330 to your drive tool and set rpm to 1500 max. Place on surface to be cleaned and engage! Hold in place and let your 8330 resurfacing grinder from OTC do the work. The aggressive design of the grinding pad scours through burned in corrosion, flaking paint, dirt, and other debris. The OTC 8330 is excellent for resurfacing studless wheel surfaces common to many European vehicles, wheel centers, or any flat surface needing a good cleaning. Use the OTC 8330 before replacing wheels, or before re-alignment to reduce lateral run out. One OTC grinding pad is good for up to 400 wheel centers.

Use the OTC 8330 Resurfacing Grinder to ensure wheels are properly fit to hubs and rotors are properly fit to wheels. A "must have" tool before rotation and alignment. Average cleaning process time per hub is only 3 to 25 seconds, depending on residue thickness. The grinding disc will clean about 400 wheel centers on average. The 8330 Resurfacing Grinder is the ideal accessory for hub, wheel and brake preparation - and is versatile for removal of corrosion and dry debris on most surfaces. Attach to your power tool, set in place and let the OTC 8330 Resurfacing Grinder do the rest. Replacement discs are available - order p/n 8330-RP (package of 2).

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