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Locking Collar Rack Wrench

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OTC 7485 OTC-7485 Locking Collar Rack Wrench

Service steering linkage "in place" with the handy OTC 7485 - Locking Collar Rack Wrench. Simply remove one pin and place open collar around tie-rod end. Close collar and replace pin to lock around the component. Use with 1/2" drive tools such as ratchet, or breaker bar to adjust as required. No need to disconnect linkage for adjusting tool placement. The OTC 7485 Locking Collar Rack Wrench is designed to work with all component connections in place. Sturdy construction of high quality tool steel for a lifetime of use. Multiplle applications - from steering linkage, wheel alignment, small diameter exhaust and general pipe adjustment. Use with component diameters of 1" to 1-7/8" (25.4mm to 47.6mm)

The OTC 7485 is a great time saving tool. Now adjustments are possible with the linkage component or pipe completely attached on both ends. When limited by tight access, or rod ends that won't budge, the OTC7485 Locking Collar Rack Wrench will provide a solution…in fact, the OTC 7485 Locking Collar Rack Wrench is such a proven time-saver, it will become your first choice when adjusting linkage rods or piping. Durable construction and excellent quality make the OTC7485 Locking Collar Rack Wrench a tool you can trust for years and years. Backed by OTC's Lifetime Warranty against defects in material and workmanship!

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