3 Pc. Aluminum Hammer Kit

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Dent Fix DF-AH714 DTF-DF-AH714 3 Pc. Aluminum Hammer Kit

  • The solid aluminum head is perfect for working on aluminum bodied vehicles because there is no cross contamination of unlike metals, which can lead to galvanic corrosion
  • The aluminum hammer kit is essentially maintenance free
  • Lightweight hammers provide the tech with a better work method due to the fact aluminum panels stretch more easily than steel
  • The softer impact and force prevents this automatically
  • Genuine hickory oval handles provide a solid base with less chance of breakage
  • Three different heads are included in this kit: Pick & Finishing Hammer (Round Face 40mm), Curved Pein & Finishing Hammer (Round Face 40mm), and Standard Bumping Hammer (Round Face 40.5mm, Square Face 38mm)
  • Each hammer has a red mark on the top of the head to indicate the tools are for aluminum use only
  • Keep the hammers isolated when not in use in the included blow molded cases
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